Shenxing 5" Face Recognition Pad

Key Feature:

  • Recognition : 50,000 faces capacity, accuracy > 99.8%, speed =
  • Light Adaptability : Working in different light environment, even in 0 lux dark scene.
  • Aniti-spoofing : RGB+IR liveness detection, effectively defending against various forms of attacks such as photos, 3D paper models.
  • Multifunction : Supporting multiple authentication such as card and QR codes. Connecting with various peripheral modules such as Wiegand, etc.
  • Integration : Rich REST API and SDK make integration very easy and friendly.

Application Scenarios:




No Name Description
1 Visible light camera Captures visible light images
2 Infrared camera Captures infrared images
3 Infrared fill light Provides fill light for the infrared camera
4 Display screen 5-inch multi-touch display screen
5 Speaker Plays audio prompts
6 Card tap area Users tap their cards here
7 USB port A Type C port for connection with USB drives
8 Indicator light Indicates the access result and power status
9 Tamper prevention button Prevents disassembly after installation
10 RS232 debugging port Used for troubleshooting and upgrades
11 Reset button Long-press to restore to factory default settings
12 External cable connection Used for connection to a power source