Fit Controller

SRP: 5,900 THB (Excl. VAT)

EnGenius Fit On-Premises Network Management Controller

Product Highlights

The EnGenius FitController is for IT managers or admins at small businesses who need to manage access points and switches quickly and easily, FitController’s intuitive interface and simple plug-and-play integration securely provide efficient device management, cloud accessibility that allows remote management of multiple networks from a single portal without requiring a dedicated server.

  • Plug and play installation. Simply plug into PoE Ethernet switch. No additional download or training required
  • Fast deployment with quick-scan device registration & configuration
  • Network management for up to 100 EnGenius Fit access point and switches
  • License-free on-premises network management with a comprehensive line of wired and wireless networking products
  • Hierarchy view to quickly structure customer sites and organize networks
  • Network health view to analyze networks and report potential issues
  • Multi-tenant user login privileges
  • Device two-factor authentication to ensure only authorized devices are on the network
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi security WPA3 for employee as well as guests
  • Support up to 8 networks per user account
  • Create separate employee and guest networks to keep traffic isolated
  • Set limits to stop bandwidth hogs
  • Built-in powerful Qualcomm Qual-Core CPU
  • Micro SD slot for extra back-up
  • 802.3af or DC12/1A input power source